Wednesday, December 5, 2012


You can play these games and listen to these videos during the weekend.  Have FUN!!!

To learn about animals that live in the OCEAN: Ocean Movie
To play the OCEAN game:  Ocean Animals GAME
To learn about animals that live in the JUNGLE: Jungle Animals
To play the JUNGLE game: Jungle animals GAME

To learn about animals that live in the FOREST:  Forest animals
To play the FOREST game:  Forest Animals Game

To learn about animals living in the FARM: Farm animals video
To play the FARM game: Farm Animals GAME


Anonymous said...

I see the book, we are going to start
the plants and the animals topic!
I thing that is going to be very fun!

Maria Victoria

Anonymous said...

monica this game is fantastic.i likeit.thank you.


Anonymous said...

I like the game because I learn a lot of things.

Anna 3A 18/12/2012

Anonymous said...

Hello Monica how are you.I m fine I see the animals in the book and this is good.karin

Anonymous said...

I like the video Ocean Movie and I finished all the home work.

Sara 4a.

Anonymous said...

I play another time,i like this game lot and the others.Good by Monica i see you tumorrou.Anna 3a

Anonymous said...

Hello Mónica!!!
I like a lot movies and games of the ocean,jungle,forest and farm.

Carla 3C